individual counseling

Beyond the classroom, some students require more.

why individual counseling at school?

Though a school counselor has many responsibilities within the school community, one major role is to help address issues and concerns that may negatively affect students' personal, social, and/or academic development. If personal concerns, difficulties dealing with relationships, and difficulties with normal developmental tasks occur, these can interfere with a student's development and success. Individual counseling may be needed at this point.

Individual counseling in the school setting is typically short-term in nature. School counselors do not provide therapy and when necessary, referrals are made to outside agencies.

I wish I could provide individualized services for each student; however my duty to all students in the school necessitates that I limit my interventions to preventative classroom lessons, small groups, and short-term individual work. If you feel your child would benefit from more long-term individual counseling, I'd be happy to discuss some possible referral options with you that align with your needs and budget.

meeting the needs of the student

There is a wide variance in the purpose of individual counseling in order to the the various needs of the child. The needs of each child can vary from:

    • an outlet to talk/vent in order to think things through,
    • to the benefit received from a caring counselor/child friendship,
    • to the support shared in dealing with a difficult situation that the student cannot change,
    • to the assistance given to the child in creating a plan for things they can change,
    • to help in strengthening needed skills for success.

"Children learn more from what you ARE than what you TEACH."

- W.E.B. DuBois

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